Who is Sonu Sharma?

Who is Sonu Sharma and his company?

Sonu Sharma, is founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP, started in network marketing at the tender age of 21 and has been doing it ever since then. It’s safe to say that he must know how to do it correctly! He has built many successful companies since he began, which helps to inform his current endeavor, Empower Network. We’ll look into this more later on in this article. To start with, we’ll just learn about Sonu Sharma himself.

About Network Marketing:-

We offer a unique approach to home business. Network marketing allows you to work when you want, where you want. You can sell full-time, part-time or just do it on a hobby basis. There are no limits and no restrictions. When working with our company, you can be your own boss at your own pace. Whatever fits in with your lifestyle! Our team has been successful for many years doing what we love; helping others start a business of their own. Now is your turn! Just take that first step and get started today!

Bill Gates on Network Marketing – Network Marketing Gyan

Basic of Network Marketing?

We are a Network Marketing company based in India. In basic terms, we contract with other companies to promote their products. For example, if Ford were to pay us to promote their automobiles online, we would post content on social media and our website that tells people why they should buy a Ford over all other cars. Other than paying us a set monthly fee (commonly called an incentive or bonus), Ford would have no say in what we post.

Why Network Marketing?

The Proo f Network Marketing Sonu Sharma has created a multi-level marketing system that allows anyone to get in on it. Network marketing, also called MLM, has been around for quite some time, but it still provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to make money. If you’re ready to start network marketing for yourself, then here are some benefits to consider: Quality Products: Since you’ll be selling high-quality products, you can be sure that your customers will always be satisfied with what they receive. This is one of the best benefits of MLM because you don’t have to worry about building relationships or quality assurance.

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Why Vestige?

Vestige Marketing is a digital marketing Company located in India. Vestige has a team of digital marketing experts who offer best services to their clients. They have expertise in SEO, SEM, Web Designing, Digital Marketing and Social Media. If you are in need of any kind of help related to digital marketing then they are perfect for you. They will make sure that your business gets a huge amount of traffic which can help your business flourish properly. There main focus is on developing long-term relationships with their customers, instead of making quick profits over night like other agencies do. To keep things simple for them, Vestige sticks with one or two core offerings at a time rather than offering every service under the sun—and ensuring that what they do offer really counts for something!

About Team Sonu Sharma?

Join Vestige on 14th Sep 2019, Greatest Ever Platform to work with,Visanory Leadership & Dynamite Infracture with a Varity of Product range. Thankful to Mr. Gautam bali MD of vestige to make me a part of this magical world… I Get Outstanding support from Kanwar Bir Sir & Deepak Sood Sir to Build this Amazing Business. Best ever Platform for a Normal Human Being to Fulfill his/her Dreams….

20 thoughts on “Who is Sonu Sharma?”

  1. hi, i m Ravi Ranjan and i have been working with Dr. Soun Sharma sir from last 2.5years and my life totally changed by his association, i learned lots of stuff about personality, communication, grooming, how to achieve passive income, how to earn through social media, how to build brand and etc..etc…i have earn lots of money as well and achieved many goals, and i will say! “if you have a dream, we have a platform to fullfill” by just changing your association it can change your life as mine changed. thankyou Dr. Sonu Sharma sir support and guidance, blessed to have you in my life

  2. Team’sonu sharma is best platform to become success ,
    I am getting new knowledge & opportunity through me YSS Leaders ,
    They support every time ,,
    From this platform my public speaking skill become great andy stage fear is also gone

  3. WWD (world wide dreamers) nice journey
    top leadership
    full supporting system by Sonu Sharma sir great leadership by Sonu Sharma sir great leadership Shashi sanjan Ranjan Sir
    Virendra Pratap sir 👏🥰

  4. raunak rajawat

    I live in a small city bhind in Madhya Pradesh
    I started working for sonu sharma sir 3 months ago i am 17 years old and m a b.com 1st year student

  5. One of the best thing about Dr.Sonu Sharma is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something.
    He always respect the audience and his team and he is polite in all his videos..

  6. One of the best thing about Dr.Sonu Sharma is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something.
    He always respect the audience and his team and he is polite in all his videos..


  7. Dr Sonu Sharma sir is good motivational speaker and wwd(world wide Dreamer)top leadership and nice journey ❤️👏💐

  8. Shivani Sharma

    I am Shivani Sharma . I live in Mumbai and I am only 21 years old. It has been 4 month since I joined team Sonu Sharma date of 5 / 02/ 2022 . I would like to thank you team Sonu Sharma and vestige marketing pvt Ltd. Who gave us such a big platform. So thank you so much .

    I am also a student And In addition to working full time job I have achieved the level of Bronze Director in Vestige within just 3 months. It is possible because of my great leader Mr . Shashi sanjan sir and also my upline Mr . Ayush Soni sir . I have got a lot of support from my team and I am working on business online mode very well. I just say that in the coming time I will be the first leadership is team Sonu Sharma and I will be in the top list I am going to achieve such a crown director level very soon in the coming few month and also I become a great motivational speaker soon . Thank you so much my team and my leaders .

  9. Anuj Tiwari
    Hlo everyone myself Anuj Tiwari and I am live in Rewa Madhya Pradesh 📍
    I have joined this business before 3 months and I am leaning marketing strategies,and about sales from TEAM SONU SHARMA
    And vestige marketing private limited.

  10. Ravi Ranjan Prabhakar

    Ravi ranjan prabhakar
    Hlo every dreamers I m RAVI RANJAN PRABHAKAR from delhi. i was started network marketing before 3 month and after 1 month my mindset has changed and i learnt about network marketing stratagies and communication skills. after join TSS(world wide dreamers) My skills has improved and i feeling so blessed that i have a chance to join tss, vestige.
    All credit goes to only my upline sumit soni and my whole team leaders.

    Thank you shashi sir ravi sir, thank you vestige and TSS and entire Team.

  11. JASHANpreetSingh

    My name is JASHANPREETSinghDEHER from Punjab.I was started networkmarketing 15 days. Dr. Sonu Sharma is best motivation speaker in world. And my dream the no.1 network marker banana ha.ki ma khud ik brand banana chata hu. I am sorry but dr. Sonu sharma sa bi 100
    % good.

  12. Hye to every dreamers,
    This side Teena from Sonipat (Haryana) and I am 21 years old. In addition to working full time job I have joined this business before 20 days and I learnt alot of things like how to earn through social media , how to achieve my goal , dreams and how to upgrade skills…. etc My skill has improved so much. And I feel so much blessed that I have chance to join TSS and definately I will be the best networker & fulfill my dreams.
    Thank you to all my uplines who support me so much . Blessed!
    Thank you Team !

    20Yrs age ( Youngest ENTERPRENEUR of SONU SHARMA Sir Yeam )..
    Sonu sir is very great personality & very great mentor. I get New skills from sonu sharma sir .
    I’m very thankful to Dr. SONU sharma sir .

  14. hello’ i’m kundan kumaar and i’m working with Dr. sonu sharma sr before last one year….i’m felling proud to work with Dr. sonu sharma sir…sonu sir give a opportunity to change our life…. i’m also totally change me life by his association..if you also want to full fill your dream then you should join team of sonu sharma sir…thanku so much Dr. sonu sharma sir for your lovve and support

  15. Manjeet Mishra Tss

    My name is Manjeet and I am always thankful to dr.sonu sharma sir.because sonu sir training’s able to stable me in network marketing and he is a really a god of network marketing

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